6-Way Fuse Block W/Negative Bus - ATC/ATO Fuse Box with Ground, LED Light Indication & Protection Cover, Bolt Connect Terminals,70 pcs Stick Label, For Vehicle Car Boat Marine Auto

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  • CONVENIENT INDICATION: You can now always know when something goes wrong in your car and which part you need to fix with this unique 6-way fuse box! The fuse box will indicate exactly where there is a short circuit or any other fault so you can easily identify it and change it.
  • PERFECT FOR YOUR VEHICLE: This premium fuse box with bus bar is essential for all car owners and it is just perfect for your ride. It is suitable for all vehicles with a 10-32 Volt DC power source so you can use it on every car or boat.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The 6 way fuse box with ground buss is crafted to perfection with high quality materials and with special attention to detail so it can be incredibly efficient and durable. The fuse box has LED light indicators and a strong construction. base:PBT,cap:PC,terminal:Nickel plated copper,screw:Stainless steel,label:PP*70
  • EASY TO SET UP: No need to worry about getting your fuse box ready to use.This 6 circuit fuse box with ground is very easy to install.
  • WITH PROTECTIVE COVER: The fuse box with ground buss has a clear protective cover that will keep it safe from dust while making it easier for you to use.

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