2.5mm Right Angle Live Chat Talkback Cable for Turtle Beach X11 DX11 PX21 X12 PX3 XL1 XBOX 3ft

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-- Connects various Turtle Beach headset mics from the in-line amplifier to the Xbox 360 controller for Xbox LIVE chat

-- The headsets that the Talkback Cable will work for are as follows: XL1, PX21, DPX21, DX11, PX3, X11, X12, PX11, DPX21 and similar/equivalent models

-- The Xbox Live Controller Cable, also known as the Xbox Live Chat Cable, is used to connect the Xbox 360 controller to the MixAmpTM Pro via the 2.5mm jack. When used with the A50, it connects to the headset itself, not the transmitter

-- Compatibility: all A50, A40, A30 Audio Systems, as well as the MixAmpTM Pro

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