8 Pin Din Male-Male Speaker Audio Cable Wire

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-- Fully wired DIN 8 PIN cable, good quality, heavy duty

-- This cable could be used to connect the Sanpera II Footswitch to Peavy Vypyr 2 Amp

-- This cable could be used as the speaker cable on Monster Clarity HD Model One

-- This Powerlink mk 2 cable allows you to connect Beolab active loudspeakers with or without displays to your Bang and Olufsen hifi system or television surround sound,it fits almost all B&O audio systems and TVs manufactured since 1990.Compatible with:Beolab 1 Beolab 2 Subwoofer Beolab 3 Beolab 4 Beolab 5 Beolab 7.1 Centre Speaker Beolab 7.2 Centre Speaker Beolab 7.4 Centre Speaker Beolab 7.6

-- Centre Speaker Beolab 9 Beolab 10 Centre Speaker Beolab 11 Subwoofer Beolab 2500 Beolab 3000 (including display) Beolab 4000 Beolab 4500 (including display) Beolab 5000 (including display) Beolab 6000 Beolab 6002 Beolab 8000 Beolab 8002 Beolab Penta mk.2/mk.3 (including display) Also for Beolink MCL2P link room box and for Beolink Passive link room box

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