Ground Loop Isolator Hum/Buzz/Noise Eliminator for Cable TV Applications

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Ancable Ground Loop Isolator is a capacitive-based isolator that provides a high impedance barrier to AC power-related ground currents. It can prevent hum or buzz in sound systems as well as hum bars in video systems while providing a transparent path for radio frequency video and cable modem signals.

This improved capacitive isolator has ruler-flat responses to over 1,000 MHz, making it suitable for digital cable as well as conventional CATV, VHF/UHF antenna or MATV systems. The unit breaks the ground loop that so often causes the infuriating audio hum or video hum bars we experience then connected to CATV

-- Eliminate audio hum/buzz/noise and horizontal scrolling bars / Rolling Line caused by ground loops
--Metallic housing provides excellent RFI shielding of > 85 dB. The Housing is environmentally sealed against moisture and humidity
- Nickel-plated female F connector



Impedance: 75ohm 
Connector Type: F type connector, Female to Female
Frequency Range: 5-1000MHz
Insertion Loss: (5-1000MHz) 0.3dB(typ) / 0.7dB(max)
Rutrun Loss: (5-1000MHz) 22dB(typ) / 16dB (min)
Surge Protection: 3KV (All Ports)
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