JaunniQir Dog Combs Stainless Steel Teeth, Cat Comb for Removing Tangles and Knots, Professional Grooming Tool for Long and Short Haired Dog, Cat

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The micro-grooving consists of microscopic edges that are positioned along with the teeth in a tight spiral form. With thorough combing, these edges, together with the dragging action of the teeth, remove even the tiniest bit. All stainless steel teeth are welded together by laser which makes our combs a highly sturdy and long-lasting comb This pet de-matting comb can break up tangles and effectively remove loose hair, dander & dirt trapped beneath fur, and very curly hair.It is perfect for finishing and fluffing. Rounded pin ends are gentle to the skin. The anti-scratch teeth on our dog & cat comb naturally support the pet's health by boosting circulation. You can buy several to give as gifts to pets in the family. Easy to carry and use. Suitable for all short and long hair dogs, cats, rabbits,s and so on. Please don’t use this pet steel comb on a wet animal, as it might hurt their skin without the fur to buffer. The dog comb is really very effective on dry