Ox Horn Comb,Natural Ox Horn Folding Foldable Combs Moustache & Beard

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-- Benefits of using ox horn combs: 
1) No electrostatic reaction by using ox horn comb. 

2) Ox horn comb has a unique pharmacological characteristic. 

3) Good for stimulating scalp and hairs, to keep your good health. 

4) Cleansing skin scalp, unplugs and treats follicles and hairs. 

5) Helps prevent and improve thin areas and remedies hair loss, adds shine. 

6) Exfoliating dandruff, debris and dead cells. 

7) Reduce hair loss to some degree by Long-term using. 

8) It can help relieve fatigue and keep your spirit in good condition. 

9) Topical massage remedy for headaches maintains circulation depositing of rare nutrients protein and minerals by rubbing. 

10)Great for the stimulation and general combing of long hair and all lengths of hair, mustache and beard.

-- Features:
·Brand New & High quality.
·Can comb wet and dry hair quickly with minimal breakages and damage.
·Precisely-designed shape, very comfortable to grip.
·No fracture of grip or shedding of teeth.
·Healthy for improving your hair quality.
·Perfect for long and shirt fragile hair, mustache, beard as well as pets.
·Compact size and light weight.
-- Material: 
Sheep Ox Horn 

-- Size:
Length (open): 16.8cm (6.6 inch)
Length (fold): 9.8cm (3.85 inch)
Width: 3.2cm (1.25 inch)

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