Xbox One Stereo Headset Controller Adapter Cable Cord for Turtle Beach Headsets Enthusiast

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Used to adapt Turtle Beach's 2.5mm-male-to-2.5mm-male talkback/chat cable with the new Xbox One Controller 

Regular 3.5mm male 4 poles to 2.5mm female cables will not work with Xbox One Controller / Stereo Headset Adapter. 
This specifically designed adapter cable works.

Usage and Feature
The 3.5mm male plug side should be connected with the Xbox One® Headset Adapter module attached to the controller, then the 2.5mm female end allows you to use your existing Turtle Beach's 2.5mm-male-to-2.5mm-male talkback/chat cable.

--Specifications: 4 poles 3.5mm male to 2.5mm female
--Length: 6 inches
--Color: black
--Package:  only 1 adaptor cable and does not include the Stereo Headset Adapter


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